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The 800 Pound Gorilla in the Room

As one might guess, I am a Lutheran version of a Nicene Christian. The fundamental tenant of the Nicene Creed is its assertion that assumes each of the three persons of the trinity to be equal and of the same nature (consubstantial). This is in opposition to a doctrine called Arianism, which the bishops in A.D. 325 felt would open the door to polytheism or pantheism.

After the decision by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) to accept active homosexuals as ordained pastors, I took a close look at their new theology. I found that issues about accepting homosexuals were a diversion from the real changes that are going on.

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Steel Rain

The History of the 3rd BATTALION, 27th FIELD ARTILLERY REGIMENT and the MULTIPLE LAUNCH ROCKET SYSTEM During the Persian Gulf War.

...The mid-air explosions were not miss-fires as the Iraqis had wrongly assumed.  At just under a thousand meters from their targets, computer calibrated timer’s detonated small explosive charges within the warheads of the rockets.  These charges cracked open the casings that housed the DPICM bomblets, spilling them into the darkness of the night.  On through the cold air of the pre-dawn these splinters of devastation sailed, spreading out into a cloud over fifty meters across.  Together, the MLRS and cannon artillery rained violent destruction over a two by four square kilometer area.

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Expeditionary Constabulary Police Force

This unofficial document is an analytical thesis intended to stimulate discussion at the department level of government on how to structure an organization that can conduct battlefield stability operations during and after war. This document serves as the touchstone for a consultation process and debate on the basis of the proposal it puts forward.

The objective of this thesis is to demonstrate the process for developing an organizational structure that can perform stability missions, and through the course of that process develop a stability force. It demonstrates an approximation of what a serious civilian based effort at performing stability missions should look like. It is time for the Department of State to step out from behind the military and stand as an independent entity on the battlefield by the development and deployment of Constabulary Brigades.

We will not know ultimate victory in our wars until we achieve peace in the post war period. In the prosecution of any just war, the U.S. incurs post war moral and legal obligations that are as odious as the act of going to war itself. The justification of going to war in the first place, does not automatically expand into the conduct of the post conflict occupation. Hence, winning the peace is just as important as winning the war.

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The New Age Solution

Humanism and New Age were all the rage in the 1970’s.  But, I must confess; I am a cynic when it comes to depending upon the perfection of human beings.  It’s not that people are trying to do bad, but that only God is perfect.  I use four stories written by young authors to make my point.
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...During that first day's battle, she virtually witnessed a missile rise up from the ocean and take out the British AWACS (airborne early warning and control system) that had been controlling the skies behind her. The data from that flying eyes in the sky were fed directly into Ronnie's TA-DACS, along with the radar imagery from every radar in the region. Tadakas then translated that information into an image in Ronnie's brain by the direct neural link, which allowed her to visualize the situation at processing speeds which exceeded what her biological eyes and ears could perceive. As a level-3 enhanced hyper-warrior, Tadakas could through symbiotic union, expand the objective two seconds for a cannon round to hit a target into fourteen subjective seconds, for her. Yet to her, the virtual reality inside of TA-DACS was just as real and just as much fact as any perception derived through her biological senses of reality; and it wasn't a game.

Ronnie, along with every other hyper-warrior connected to the Baltic Sea Matrix of the drift could see the AWACS try to evade the missile. Within fractions of a second, the AWACS filled the sky with chaff and flares, as it labored to misdirect the missile. Four of the plane's anti-missile missiles launched horizontally off their rails, but they couldn't reorient down fast enough...

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To the right and below are Summaries of articles or papers I have written over the years, or you can click on the “Written Works” link above.

Please feel free to comment on these articles and papers by Contacting me.

I have been creating Graphics for the Government since 2013. Below are links to download and view my work:

This site contains my analytical commentary on a variety of contemporary issues that wander through my head and take up residence for months at a time. The analysis is usually multi-discipline weaving together elements that on the surface may appear to be unrelated. I break the rules of analysis by mixing the objective with anecdotal impressions. Here, format and punctuation take a back seat to the thought, and its relationship to people in the real world. Much of what I write is addressed to audiences that don't want to hear my opinion; but with the internet, I don't have to shut up.

I am an analyst who creates ideas. My boss pays me to create ideas for his business. However, sometimes I have ideas that my boss can't use. I hate to see good ideas go to waste. So, I'll hang them out here in case someone would like to use them.

Academia is critical of using references from pop-culture magazines and the internet for good reason. A truly credible professional journal is censored by gatekeepers who protect the standards of the discipline which the journal represents. Articles from pop-culture media are often single subject focused, without connective analysis. Too often they assert their relevance with emotional hype fostered as significant fact. Pop-culture journalists (including very credible news agencies) use such gimmicks to get their fifteen minutes of fame from the readership. Blogs are at the bottom of the factual or analytical ladder. Blogs have no standards of accuracy, and are almost totally opinion driven. As for truth (or fiction) all three have their place in the market of ideas; the readership just has to be leery of the context, and the agenda of the source. I just hope someone can find value in my thinking.


This short story is a salute to my father and all the young men who fought in the Korean War. It is a salute to all those heroes who still have part of their soul wandering lost on some far away battlefield.

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Having experienced the liberty of Jesus' saving grace, I wanted to share this with my brother. After weeks of gently trying to persuade him to accept for himself, the salvation that I had found, I confronted him. "Daniel," I asked, "Why don't you want to be a Christian?"

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How Love is Learned

I've heard a lot said, by people with the best intentions, about what should be done to help children who are deemed to be, at risk; those children who are the products of dysfunctional or impoverished families. Such pundits seem to have their hearts in the right place, but have no concept of the magnitude or complexity of the problem.

I was one of those children. Thus, after watching the agony of emotional neglect that my little buddies, my brothers and sisters had to endure; after enduring that agony for myself, I have some very harsh thoughts on the subject. China is right; one child per couple! Being is a parent is a serious social responsibility that should require licensing. The risk of allowing the unqualified to have children is too great a burden to place on any child. Having a child is not a right, not a novelty, and not a cuddly puppy dog. The focus seems to revolve around what adults want, not about what children need. If you had endured what I had to go through, you wouldn't think that such preemptive risk mitigation is such an outlandish idea.

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Walking Back to the Barracks

The sun seemed to sit high above the horizon as I left the dining facility and walked back to my barracks. It was spring time and the days were getting longer. For me the day was already long enough, and it was not over with yet. In the few private moments I had while I strolled down the side walk, I reflected on what had happened that day, and about my decision to go back into the Army. There were some doubts in my mind about coming back in. Was this the right choice?

After leaving the enlistment center in Los Angeles on Wednesday, I had flown to a training center in the Midwest. I arrived at the in-processing center on Thursday. Today, Friday was my second full day back in the Army after an almost two-year break in service to attend college.

Just coming out of civilian life, I was placed temporarily in a platoon filled with mostly first-time recruits. To guide this platoon through in-processing were two senior drill sergeants and a corporal. For the next week I received my comprehensive in-processing with this platoon of 114 new recruits.

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